Tribal Nations Listening Sessions Report Preview

A Preview of Initial Findings and Funding Priorities

Indigenous communities currently receive less than half of 1% of philanthropic dollars.

Native Americans in Philanthropy (NAP) has conducted a nationwide survey of Tribal leaders, Tribal government officials, Native non-profit organizational leaders, Indigenous community organizations, and Elders to identify the funding priorities of Tribal Nations and Native communities.

These funding priorities are meant to create a clear roadmap for philanthropic partnerships and investment.

We are excited to reveal a preview of these initial findings. We hope that in sharing the beginnings of this crucial research, we can prompt discussion and action in the necessary spaces to further strengthen the pathways to equitable and effective philanthropy for Native communities.

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We want to ensure that all Tribal and Indigenous communities are represented in our data and we need your help. 

In 2024, we'll be releasing the 2nd edition of NAP’s Tribal Nations Listening Session Report to inform Native and Indigenous communities, funders, and the larger philanthropic sector on the funding priorities identified both nationally and regionally. We need your help to ensure that this survey is representative of current realities and priorities of Indigenous peoples.

If you are one of the following, please take the survey today!

Ellipse 24 A leader and citizen/member from an American Indian/Alaska Native Tribe
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A leader from a Native Hawaiian community
Ellipse 24 From another Native American group in the United States
Ellipse 24 Elected Tribal Government Officials (President, Chairman, CEO, Chief, etc.) 
Ellipse 24 Native non-profit organizational leaders 
Ellipse 24 Leaders from Indigenous community organizations 
Ellipse 24 Tribal development/grant staff 
Ellipse 24 Council Representatives or Members 
Ellipse 24 Elders 
Ellipse 24 Spiritual Leaders 
Ellipse 24 Tribal Cultural Leaders and/or Educators 
Ellipse 24 Tribal Historians 
Ellipse 24 Tribal Philanthropy Program Officers 
Ellipse 24 Tribal Employees such as Secretary, Treasurer, Department Heads, etc. 
Ellipse 24 Youth Leaders 
Ellipse 24 Leadership of Native-led organizations 
Ellipse 24 Don't see yourself here? Reach out to info@nativephilanthropy to clarify  
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In our promotional  toolkit you will find graphics and suggested copy for for both individuals and organizations to use on social media, in promotional emails, and/or newsletters.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Toni Sanchez, Communications Manager, at

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